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At the end of each year, we look at our staff and recognized one employee who truly went above and beyond.

Jameel, congratulations!!! This year’s Wow Legend Award is being presented to you.

Jameel is the “Face of Radiology,” as he is the first person that our patients see when they arrive in the department. Jameel is also known as the “Mayor of Radiology,” as he knows so many of the patients that come here. If he didn’t know them when they arrive, he certainly does by the time they leave. Jameel has an easygoing way that he jokes around with the patients, all the while making the patients feel welcome and comfortable and takes care of them quickly and professionally. Jameel reviews the patient’s chart to ensure that they don’t have any other studies that have been ordered and could be done during their current visit, preventing them from having to return another time.

Jameel was awarded previously as he saw that a patient was supposed to have returned for follow-up mammogram images and asked her if she would like to get that done while she was here for her other imaging. The patient agreed and Jameel arranged it all to make it seamless for the patient. In this case, the patient had her additional imaging and she had a serious medical issue. The patient and her husband were so appreciative that he “saved her life” by taking the time to arrange everything so that the patient would not have to come back (and may not have returned) to her detriment. This patient is a Suburban patient for life. She still stops by to see Jameel and to thank him for all he did.

Recently, Jameel told his supervisor of a patient that was with her mother while waiting for a CT. The elderly patient was cold and Jameel went and got blankets to cover her while she was waiting. Since she was going to be here for a prolonged time, Jameel and the daughter were talking. During his conversation with the daughter, she asked him what he would like for Christmas. We all know what an Eagles fan Jameel is, so he told her that he was hoping for a new, soft Eagles blanket so that he could be warm and snuggly while watching the games. The daughter left while her mother was being scanned and returned with a new Eagles blanket for Jameel. This was her way of showing how much his kindness meant to them.

These are just two stories of the kindness Jameel shows our patients and his “WOW” personality. Jameel is a special person that touches people’s hearts and is the best example of customer satisfaction. We all know that you can touch someone without words and Jameel is a perfect example of that. Congratulations Jameel!

Thank you for being a team player, for all you do for all our patients and staff and for truly being a Legend at Suburban Community Hospital.