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Jessica Mayer, DO | Family Medicine
Program Director Suburban Family Medicine |Residency Vice-Chair Family Medicine Department

We’ve all been through a lot since the pandemic began. Many of our prior routines and practices have been altered, and it’s hard to know how to navigate this “new world.” Even in these confusing times, it’s important not to let being pro-active about your health get lost. Preventative medicine is incredibly important for many reasons. Seeing your family physician on a regular basis, even when you’re feeling well, can be a powerful tool in keeping you healthy for the long run. Establishing a good relationship with your physician and a baseline of your health is important when concerns come up in the future.

As everyone is unique, it’s helpful to know what your normal is to help identify what has changed when you aren’t feeling well. Another aspect of preventative medicine is catching and addressing potential problems early. For example, it’s much easier to work on lifestyle changes when blood sugars start to elevate, rather than playing catch-up when diabetes presents symptomatically. In the same way, catching a small change on a mammogram or a colonoscopy can allow for early treatment that is often much less invasive and more successful than waiting for symptoms to present before screening.

As we are working to adapt to all the changes that have been thrown at us this past year, don’t forget to partner with your family physician to create a plan to keep you healthy for years to come.


Dr. Mayer sees patients of all ages and is dedicated to providing compassionate care for the whole person. She is board certified in Family Medicine and director of Suburban Family Medicine Residency program and vice-chair of Family Medicine Department at Suburban Community Hospital.

Jessica Mayer, DO. completed her medical education at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (Pennsylvania) in 2008, internship at Crozer-Chester Medical Center (Pennsylvania) in 2009, and Residency at Mercy Suburban Hospital in 2011.

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