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At the end of each year, we look at our hospital and recognize one department that truly went above and beyond.

Security Department, congratulations!!! This year’s Wow Department of the Year is being presented to you.

It is truly telling that of all of our nominations for Wow Awards this year, the Security Department was nominated 17% of the time. The next highest was 11%.

They are the first face that people see when entering the hospital and they have helped to keep our hospital safe and calm during this pandemic year.

A recent Wow nomination had this to say about three of our security officers:

“Recently, Jalen was involved in assisting with a serious event that occurred in our Emergency Department. If it had not been for Jaylen, a serious outcome could have occurred.”

“Charles came to the Senior Behavioral Health Unit (SBHU) the other evening, as we had a few difficult patients and we had called a code gray. By the time he arrived, our staff had settled the patients and public safety was not needed. However, there was one patient that was very anxious and kept saying she was scared. Charles sat down next to her and held her hand, telling her that she was safe and not to worry. He also noticed that she didn’t have her yellow slipper socks on, and he bent down and placed them on her feet, explaining to her that she needed to keep them on so that she would not fall.”

“I have witnessed Judy de-escalate situations with patients on the floors and in the Emergency Department numerous times. She helps family members that are upset with the staff or the situation at hand by speaking to them in a calm and caring manner, even if she is being yelled at. She never raises her voice to get her point across to a patient or visitor. She greets everyone with an empathetic and caring welcome as they enter the ED or the front entrance of the hospital.”

These are just a few examples of the way that our Security Department has gone above and beyond, and we recognize you for this great effort.

Thank you all for being team players, for all you do for all of our patients and staff, and for truly being our Wow department of the year at Suburban Community Hospital.