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Mary Elizabeth Vitucci, DO



Suburban Community Hospital

Dr. Vitucci is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). She completed her residency in Family Medicine at Mercy Suburban Hospital where she served as the chief intern and subsequently as the chief resident. Dr. Vitucci is the Director of Medical Education and the Director of Osteopathic Education at Suburban Community Hospital where she also serves as the Associate Program Director of the Family Medicine Residency. She is an associate faculty member at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Vitucci is AOBFP certified in Family Medicine.

Being a physician is something I have always felt called to do. In kindergarten, I declared to my parents that I would be a doctor when I grew up. From a young age, I set goals to achieve my aspirations, and I have been blessed to be surrounded by people who have supported me as I have pursued my dreams.

My faith and my family are integral parts of my life and they are what inspired me and laid the foundation for me to become a doctor. I have been blessed to have incredible female role models throughout my life. My mother’s mom, Nana, an immigrant from Ireland, came to the US a single woman. Through her hard work and perseverance, she was able to buy her own car and house before marrying my pop, something uncommon in her time. My father’s mom, Grandmom was one of the most patient, kind women I have ever known. She and my poppop had 15 children and 55 grandchildren, but some how grandmom knew how to make us all feel important and loved. My nana and grandmom were two of the most faith-filled, generous, hard-working women I have ever met. They instilled in me the values of faith, gratitude, service, and dedication. Growing up, I watched my mom leave to go to work early so she could be home to spend the evening with us while my dad went to school after work. As a child, I saw her working hard and felt her love as my mother. As a mother, looking back, I’m amazed at how she balanced it all. My grandmothers and mom showed me the importance of pursuing your own goals while supporting others in the pursuit of theirs. They not only inspired me to pursue my goals but supported me while I worked towards achieving them.

Today, I am a family medicine physician at Suburban Community Hospital where I serve as the Director of Medical Education, Director of Osteopathic Education, and the Associate Program Director of the Family Medicine Residency. I am blessed to work with an incredible team of women in my roles, both clinically and administratively. What is amazing about our teams is that we support each other both professionally and personally. The unprecedented times of a global pandemic have definitely highlighted the importance of having a good support system. I am truly grateful to be able to work with such a supportive team. Outside of medicine, I am married to my incredible husband and we have three beautiful children. I feel truly blessed to serve in my roles as mother, physician, educator, leader, and life-long learner.

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